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SriLankan Airlines’ brand video ‘Serendipity Right Next Door’ takes social media by storm

SriLankan Airlines, the National Carrier of Sri Lanka and a member of the prestigious oneworld alliance, in the wake of its launch of the brand video ‘Serendipity Next Door’ appealing to its largest foreign market, India, set a record of five million views within 19 hours on social media platforms.

This is the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, that a Sri Lankan brand video has reached 5 million views. It also set a record of being the fastest video to reach one million views in Sri Lanka in less than 12 hours.

‘Serendipity Right Next Door’ unveils the timeless beauty of Sri Lanka through the narrations of two of the most beloved Sri Lankan celebrities, Jacqueline Fernandez of Bollywood fame and the cricketing legend Kumar Sangakkara. Whilst Ms. Fernandez reveals to the audience the island delights one by one, Mr. Sangakkara takes the viewer through the onboard experience of the National Carrier which symbolizes all of Sri Lanka’s beauty, culture, flavours and spirit.

SriLankan Airlines, Chairman, Mr. Ashok Pathirage said, “We are extremely impressed by the response that we have received for our latest marketing communication endeavor, appealing to our Indian market. As the National Carrier, our legacy is closely knit with the ethos of portraying the best version of Sri Lanka to the world. This, we do without having the need to exaggerate, simply due to the reason that the country truly is a Paradise, and exploring it is a memorable experience to any traveler. India has always been a focus market in our network and I am certain that this will inspire more travellers to follow the trails of their favourite celebrities to explore Sri Lanka like never before.”