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Majority of business leaders expect a hit from COVID-19 , survey finds

While much uncertainty and volatility exist, chief executives are staying calm, focusing on the facts and planning in the early weeks of the spread of COVID-19.
In a recent snapshot of sentiment among global business leaders conducted 10-13 March, the Young Presidents'  Organization's (YPO) Chief Executive Global Survey on the Business Impact of COVID-19 found that of the more than 2,750 respondents, most have experienced negative business impact and many more expect to experience it in the next six months.

The survey finds that; while many projections are dependent on the overall severity and timing of outbreak peaks around the world, the majority of leaders expect no significant negative impacts on revenue (54%), number of employees (77%) and total fixed investment (70%) a year from now and are working to stay ahead of anticipated challenges.

The survey also founds that;

Business travel (87%), new business development (62%) and revenues (58%) are the three top areas most chief executives say they are currently experiencing COVID-19 impact. However, even this can change as CEOs may feel differently after the peak of the virus outbreak.