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Central Bank extends deadline for COVID-19 relief appeal to 15 May 2020

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka decided to set up a refinancing facility in order to implement the decisions taken by the Cabinet of Ministers on 20.03.2020 to introduce a wide range of fiscal and financial concessions for COVID-19 hit business activities including self-employment businesses and individuals.
The Monetary Board, issuing a circular yesterday (28) in this regard directed the licensed banks to extend the validity period of cheques valued less than Rs. 500,000 until 15 May 2020. The earlier deadline was 30 April 2020.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank earlier stated that financial institutions will offer concessions under this scheme to all borrowers who have been affected by work disruption due to COVID-19 and overseas lockdowns and requested relief through online facilities or other communication arrangements before 30 April.

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