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Moody’s extends review for downgrade on three Sri Lankan banks’ ratings

Moody's Investors Service has today extended its review for downgrade on Bank of Ceylon's (BOC), Hatton National Bank PLC's (HNB) and Sampath Bank PLC's (Sampath) long-term local currency deposit and foreign currency issuer ratings of B2.

The extension of the review for downgrade on the banks' ratings follows the review for downgrade that remains in place on Sri Lanka's B2 sovereign rating.

Moody's believes that there is a high level of dependency between the creditworthiness of the banks and that of the sovereign, given that the banks operate mainly within the country and hold significant amounts of sovereign debt.

Furthermore, the government's ability to support the banks in times of need is a key input to Moody's assessment of the banks' ratings.

Moody's had earlier initiated the review for downgrade on the banks' ratings following its placement of the sovereign rating on review for downgrade.