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President calls on engineers to revolutionize construction sector

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa invited the local engineers to take part in a revolutionary transformation in the construction sector which will fulfill the needs of urban and rural population.

“People in many parts of the country suffer due to lack of water for drinking and irrigation purposes. Tanks and irrigation systems have nearly collapsed. Development of the road network in rural areas should be expedited. Development projects serve no purpose if they fail to meet the basic needs of the people. My assumption to the office as the President will also become futile if I am unable to deliver the primary needs of the people of this country”, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said.

President made these remarks during a meeting with the members of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka held at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (16).

For many years preparation of feasibility reports of development projects, construction supervision and the decision making have been done by foreign engineers. Projects led by them have failed to meet the needs of the people. President said the culture of assigning development projects to foreign companies will be reverted and future development programme will be entrusted upon the local engineers.