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Sri Lanka’s Colombo Port City Launches Cloud Open Day

The Colombo Port City has launched a "Cloud Open Day" for the very first time to show the construction and development of the multi-million-dollar project from multiple perspectives online which will bring tangible results for Sri Lanka's economy, a statement from the Colombo Port City said this Friday.

The "City of the Future: Cloud Open Day" event was held on Thursday to show the project which is being constructed on the edges of the Indian Ocean in close proximity to the Colombo Harbor. The Cloud Open Day was hosted by well-known Sri Lankan hostess, Indeewari Amuwatte. During the live broadcast, Amuwatte first learned about the COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures adopted on the site of the project and personally experienced various strict and thorough epidemic prevention measures.

According to local employees, since the Sri Lankan government approved the resumption of work early in May, there are currently 530 workers on the Colombo Port City project site working in strict compliance with the government's COVID-19 epidemic prevention regulations, the statement said.

The project has specially built a "mobile cabin" buffer zone to quarantine local employees returning to work and provide them two free nucleic acid tests. The project personnel are currently "zero infection."

The statement said Amuwatte then came to the on-site construction areas of Colombo Port City such as the marina, pipe tunnel, artificial canal, public beach, and vehicle bridge to learn more about the construction progress and future plans for each area.

The current project consists of 269 hectares of reclaimed land which has been completed, and as planned, the urban scale in the future will exceed 5.7 million square meters. It integrates commercial, residential, leisure, and entertainment functions. More than 200,000 people will be working and living at the Colombo Port City and it would become the new Central Business District (CBD) in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.