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Sri Lanka bans scrap metal exports

The Inter-Ministry Task Force on Industry and Enterprise and the Task Force on Economic Rehabilitation and Poverty Alleviation had discussed the issues relating to the metal industry and had subsequently decided to restrict the export of scrap copper, aluminum, stainless steel, high carbon iron, brass, tints, scrap aluminum blocks and zinc blocks with immediate effect, with the view of providing sufficient raw material for local small scale industrialists, the state information office said.

According to a research conducted by Sri Lanka Industrial Development Board and University of Moratuwa, it has been proved that the demand for scrap iron, tints, aluminum, copper and brass has been increased due to expansion of local industrialists. Demand for zinc, manganese, high carbon iron and stainless steel has also increased.

Demand for Scrap Metal is expected to be increased further in line with Government polices to promote local industries. Therefore, it is appropriate to reconsider the current permission for the export of copper wire in order to use them more in value added products.