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NDB Wealth – Largest Fund Management Company in Sri Lanka Tops 100+ Billion in Assets Under Management

NDB Wealth Management, the largest Asset Management firm in Sri Lanka with over LKR 100 Bn in total Assets Under Management (AUM), LKR 74+ Bn in private portfolio and LKR 31+ Bn in Unit Trusts or Mutual Funds, is the leading Unit Trust Management firm in the country.

Beginning its momentous journey, 26 plus years ago, NDB Wealth Management has established itself as one of the most trusted Asset Management firms in Sri Lanka by acquiring and servicing over 12,000 clients.

NDB Wealth endeavours to understand client needs by analysing the core purpose for which a client plans on saving or investing and will advise the client on the best savings or investment solution taking into consideration the potential risks associated with the investment.

A range of new and innovative savings and investment products have been designed to satisfy every type of client; big or small, individual, institutional or Trust. For instance financial planning could be for families looking to save for their children’s future educational needs or an individual planning for his or her retirement. This planning expertise is extended for institutions managing their own portfolio of stocks, bonds or for cash flow management.

Prabodha Samarasekera, CEO of NDB Wealth Management commented, “We believe in, infusing professional money management skills when managing client funds thus offering financial freedom to our clients.” He further stated, “Our in-depth knowledge of local and foreign capital markets and detailed analysis of the macro economic variables and detailed analysis of various industry sectors and companies, helps us minimise risks for our client investments while maximising their returns.”

NDB Wealth currently holds the largest and pioneering money market fund in Sri Lanka as at 21st November, which is very popular with clients due to its attractive yields (10.05% current yield) and the added flexibility it offers. Those who save with NDB Wealth Money Plus fund can deposit or withdraw funds anytime without a penalty and the income is tax free in the hands of the individuals.

Offering a service that is unparalleled with another organisation of its kind, NDB Wealth assigns a Relationship Manager to every client, thus granting them an exclusive service.