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Economic revival strategy to be launched this weekend

The strategy formulated to revive the economy and to ensure the return of normalcy while reducing measures put in place to counter COVID-19 will be announced during the weekend, the President’s Media Division (PMD) said yesterday (16).

Meeting with the Secretaries to Ministries on Wednesday(15) at the Presidential Secretariat, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa discussed rebuilding the economy in the face of the current challenges.

A focal point of the discussion was on returning to normalcy. To do so, President Rajapaksa had emphasised the need for the public and private sectors to recommence business activities.

“Thus, curfew needs to be eased to allow these functionalities to proceed without undue obstruction. The responsibility of ensuring the public adhering to safety regulations and preventing large gatherings was entrusted on the Secretaries to the Ministries as well as heads of institutes,” the statement said.

Rebuilding a policy-driven economy is the responsibility of all, noted the President. Whilst protecting people and the local economy, the responsibility of creating a new economic trend lies with the Ministries. It is important to establish new businesses and industries. Experienced entrepreneurs must have fresh opportunities.