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SL Plantation sector presses forward amidst tightened safety precautions, unprecedented drought

Following the Government declaration of the Plantations sector as an essential service, the Planters’ Association of Ceylon (PA) stated that RPC operations immediately gathered momentum amidst stringent new measures to protect workers and the wider estate community against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expressing gratitude to all industry stakeholders and Government authorities for successfully enabling plantation sector to resume critical operations, PA Chairman, Sunil Poholiyadde stated:

“While work on the estates was halted by 13th March, as soon as the COVID pandemic worsened, most RPCs were able to resume work after only 4-days interruption. This was due to the remarkable initiative taken by the RPCs with the assistance of health authorities to institute stringent health and safety protocols, while ensuring that all workers and the wider estate community had their essential needs met.

“The challenges around COVID-19 add to the already pressing difficulties of tea producers who have been facing an unprecedented drought for the past 3 months which is estimated to have caused as much as a 40% reduction in estate production. The loss in crop had already created an increase in the cost of production (COP).”