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Pathfinder suggests priorities for Lanka’s Post-COVID Economic Recovery

The Pathfinder Foundation presented President Gotabaya Rajapaksa with a report containing a set of action-oriented recommendations from an eminent persons study group aimed at steering Sri Lanka into a post-COVID-19 era of economic recovery.
The group suggested that Sri Lanka’s overall focus of economic policy should be on mitigating the hardship of the people, moving towards restoring economic stability in the short-run and improving the investment climate for business.

In practical terms, this means improving food security and livelihoods by modernizing agricultural systems and well-targeted social protection. It also means doing whatever it takes to find the monies for debt payments and financing social welfare. Furthermore, it means cutting red tape and promoting digitization of public services to allow the private sector to diversify and to create jobs. Finally, it means better institutional coordination for implementing economic policies and development projects.