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Post Covid-19 era should see the back of middleman - Cabraal

Farmer, fisheries and the SME sector should try to eliminate the middleman and endeavour to be direct sellers in the post Covid-19 era, former Governor Central Bank and Senior Advisor on Economic Affairs to the Prime Minister, Ajith Nivard Cabraal said.
Featured in a TV talk show last morning he said that due to the middleman capitalising on the weakness of the ‘limited marketing skills’ of farmers, fishermen and SME sector, they make an undue profit from the arm chair. “The middleman is also by taking a minimum risk.”

Cabraal said that during the covid-19 lock down a new trend was seen where the buyer went direct to the door step of farmer, fisheries and the SME sector to purchase items and also paying them upfront. “This is a healthy trend that should be maintained in the future too.”

He said that this system while eliminating the middleman also allowed this ‘cluster’ to get a better price and the ‘end customer’ too got a better bargain. He said that in most of the developed countries, farmer, fishing and the SME sector have forward buying agreements with super markets and suppliers and this trend should now be adopted in a more aggressive manner in Sri Lanka. In other countries this cluster is also insured and this trend too should be practised in Sri Lanka. “The government will certainly help in these areas.”